How to make a Google calendar and add an administrator Print

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Login to your google account and go to your calendars


1) click on the GEAR ICON at top and select SETTINGS

2) on the left under “Settings for my calendars” click on a GOOGLE CALENDAR

3) at top left select ADD CALENDAR and select NEW CALENDAR

4) Enter a calendar title, something like “FOLBR Event Calendar” and click the CREATE CALENDAR link

5)  on the left under “Settings for my calendars” click on the newly created calendar

6) under “Access Permissions” Check the “Make Calendar Available to the Public

7) Next under “share with specific people” section click on the ADD PEOPLE link

8) Next enter the email address of the new administrator

9) Next select the permissions drop down and select “Make changes and manage sharing” click the SEND button to add me as an admin

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